The Club

GET A LOT MORE OF WHAT YOU ALREADY LOVE When you join THE CLUB @ THE LOT you immediately start earning credits on all ticket, food and beverage purchases and that’s just the beginning.

When you become a member of The Club @ THE LOT you can get access to priority ticket purchases on select films up to 24 hours before sales are made available to the public. You can also get a free birthday ticket* and invitations to exclusive member events* as part of your membership.

Sign up for email when you join, because we’ll send you exclusive member offers right to your inbox, adding a lot of more to your experience.

*Director and Producer levels.

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  • Free.
  • Member’s Monday – every Monday, members enjoy exclusive food & drink specials (all day Happy Hour menu).
  • Earn 3% Credits on all ticket, food, and beverages purchases.
  • Valid for 1 calendar year (Credits valid until January 31).
  • Credits are redeemable for any of THE LOT’s services or sales.
  • Double credits on certain days of the week on select items.
  • Weekly Newsletter.
  • Special email offers.

  • $35 a year.
  • Priority ticket purchases – select films will be available for purchase 24 hours before sales are made available to the public.
  • Free birthday ticket*.
  • Exclusive member events.
  • Plus, all benefits of the star club.

  • Must be a Director’s Club member & qualify once you have reached more than $1000 in food and beverage purchases or 20 movie ticket purchases.
  • Discounted movie ticket prices: $2 off any film (does not apply with other discount movie promotion).
  • Once the Producer’s Club status is received the following annual membership fee is waived and membership will continue each year that Producer’s Club status is maintained.
  • Access to Producer’s special party.
  • 5% Credit on all ticket, food, and beverage purchases.
  • Plus, all benefits of Director´s Club.